because he knew the guards would punish him if he said he had been

A friend and associate of Gene Simmons — Stronach calls knee length wedding dresses him an “extended member of the family” — the Jacqueline-of-all-trades and Canadian heiress was one of the select invitees at one of the most crazy-in-a-good-way nuptials that L.A. has seen in recent times. An occasion that called for a L’Wren Scott cocktail dress!“It’s been going on for years, every building I’ve been in. It’s awful,” said Marshall, who has worked in Washington since 1973. “Everything is set at 70 degrees for those testosterone-toting people.”Adams recommends getting rid of gray hair, either through dyes or through shaving, as he did. He also believes in treating wrinkles or other skin-related signs of age. A few years ago, he underwent an eyelid lift to reduce sagging above his eyes.As featured on the front page of Monday’s National Post, Montreal artist André Monet is set to reveal his Andy Warhol-esque paintings of Prince William and Kate. His images are a combination of painting and collage, and his work contains layers of paper marked with the history of the couple and the British monarchy.

Those images are now part of a YouTube campaign led by the wives of two United Nations ambassadors, which alternates stylish shots of Asma with gruesome pictures of dead and injured Syrian children.Organ donation should be mandatory. People could opt-out from these donations, however they would be banned from receiving organs. Roy Haina, Oshawa, OntThe Obamas are well liked and well supported by the Hollywood set, which has been generous in its financial support long dresses for weddings and did a lot in 2008 and 2012 to get out the vote for the president.Still, the scalpel is where some draw the line. Spirer complains that his friend Adams, buoyed by eye-surgery success, is hounding him to undergo a similar procedure for a more youthful image and enhanced job prospects.She was rushed to hospital after Friday’s stabbing with what police described at the time as life-threatening injuries. She died Wednesday at 8:30 p.

m.A fatwa! On wedges! He ain’t kidding. The own-drum-marching hockey dude, turning his attention to flats, then opined, “The flat is a great thing, it actually does the opposite of the wedge. … I also love a penny loafer, Jil Sander did a great penny this past winter season. Anything that reminds me of 9? Weeks and I’m sold.”Saad said they told him to write on a piece of paper his name, why he’d been jailed and whether he had been tortured or made to confess under duress. He wrote that he had not been beaten, because he knew the guards would punish him if he said he had been, Saad said.Expressing unpopular — even loopy?— opinions about a marginalized group does not meet it.

And the attempt to recast bad opinions as hateful ones will only lower our tolerance for these kinds of difficult debates.Re: In Praise Of Old Stock, letter to the editor, Sept. 23.Why shouldn’t heritage Canadians feel special? They are special, because they are old casual wedding dresses stock, not some politically correct new name to cover up the obvious. My parents came to Canada more than 60 years ago from Europe and despite knowing eight languages each were routinely told to “go back where you came” from by the old stock crowd.THE MERCY NOW“Looking for something refreshing, sweaty and sexy? Look no further than the four piece Toronto rock n roll n pop n soul n you outfit THE MERCY NOW . We just finshed 18 songs with producer Ian Blurton to come out this summer and are looking for international management, and distribution. You need to see us live! June 18th at the Hideout. You need to hear the record!, a 5 song taste will be handed out at the show. It’s music for the people, PEOPLE, bring your sure feet, your testifying vocals and a whole lotta hand claps.”Ms. Guthrie learned of this, and of all Mr. Elliott’s monitoring of her, from her Twitter friends, who were watching the watcher, in effect, though not at her request, she said.I march back to my office, slam the door, grab the damp towel from the top of the radiator and wipe away condensation until my arm aches. A few minutes later, the window is still sopping wet and now so is my jumper. All I’ve succeeded in doing is flicking the water all over myself.

… I also love a penny loafer, Jil Sander did a great penny this past winter season

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