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mother of the bride dresses , a Vietnam vet, about the need for more veterans in Congress.She has my vote, Jackson said.It don t matter about your sex or gender.Kristin came here saying it was time for a change, and I think more people will be willing to listen to her nowadaysAfter the Shaws finished their yard work, the family headed inside to learn more about the intriguing candidate who had shown up in their driveway.It took one Google search for Lawrence to realize something he had missed.Lawrence is a religious man.His church isn t open to LGBT issues.but Yvette insisted on keeping the one on her gold Lexus.For Yvette, this is personal.One of her daughters from a previous marriage, she said, is thinking about getting gender-reassignment surgery herself.I think people just need to be true to themselves, she said a few days later.She rubbed her hand along the bumper sticker, smoothing it out.Kristin came here saying it was time for a change, and I think more people will be willing to listen to her nowadays, she said.I m going to support her 100 per cent.When Scott Oeth was thinking about proposing to his girlfriend, Linda Hardin, he knew the stats.The average wedding costs in 2014, according to popular website TheKnot.That s when the Minneapolis financial planner thought, No way.Lucky for him, his bride-to-be was thinking exactly the same thing.So last year the couple arranged for a courthouse wedding, a celebratory dinner at their favorite steak house, covered as a gift by his new in-laws, and a backyard BBQ reception later in the summer for 100 guests.Get over that reticence and have a money conversationOeth, 43, says he wouldn t change a thing.It was all wonderful, and we had such a great time mother of the bride dress , he says.I don t think that most people who spend tens of thousands on traditional weddings could say the same.More newlyweds seem to be thinking like Scott Oeth and Linda Hardin.Courthouse and city hall ceremonies now account for between 3 and 4 per cent of marriages, up from 2-3 per cent a couple of years ago, according to industry resource The Wedding Report.Financially speaking, toned-down weddings make a ton of sense.After all, think of all the other places newlyweds could spend that money to get their marriage started on the right financial foot, Oeth says.Fully funding retirement savings plans for both spouses.Paying off high-interest credit cards.Getting rid of student debt.Starting a savings plan for young children.Saving up for a down payment on a first home.RelatedWedding bell blues: Four money-saving tips for bridesmaids and groomsmenHow much should you spend on a wedding gift and how should you give it?Expensive weddings are like a subprime mortgage crisis of the heart, says Laurie Essig, associate professor at Vermont s Middlebury College and Love, Inc.columnist for the magazine Psychology Today.Noting that most young people have student loans, Essig says, It just doesn t make financial sense to be taking out even more debt to have a lavish wedding.Those typical expenses, according to TheKnot.In many urban centres, costs can be much higher than those national averages.In this still-fragile financial climate, some women might have chosen to hide the Chanel shopping bag from their budget-conscious better halves.With mortgages to pay and family holidays to save up for, it’s still not quite the done thing to blow half your bonus on something as frivolous as a pair of shoes (in this case a seductively glistening pair of Chanel ballet pumps in a classic French navy that I’d coveted for months), even if the bonus is something you have worked your socks off for.But, instead of surreptitiously stuffing the shoes in the back of the wardrobe, I proudly displayed the results of my splurge to my husband, safe in the knowledge that he’d approve.After all, he’s the one who decided how much my bonus should be and he’s the one who paid it.This year, as for almost all of the five years we’ve been married, I’m the grateful recipient of a wife bonus and proud of it.who, while not going out to work in an office or for a company ivory flower girl dresses , still receive a bonus from their husband at the end of the financial year as a sign of appreciation for services rendered.But while the Park Avenue primates have been pilloried for supposedly receiving a cash reward based on how well they have balanced the domestic books, enhanced their husbands’ careers by networking adeptly and aggressively, and kept them satisfied socially and sexually, I believe that receiving a bonus for being a good wife is nothing to be ashamed of.The concept of a gift for being a good little wife seemed to assault all my feminist senses, implying a certain level of sinister financial controlRather than being a depressing step back for feminism, I’m proud that my husband appreciates that, at the age of 32, by staying at home with our 19-month-old daughter, I’m working just as hard as he is, and he is prepared to put his money where his mouth is.Like most women, I didn’t set out intending to take money off my husband.He earned a lot more than me, working in the oil industry when we first met when I was 24.Still, I insisted that we split everything down the middle, including the rent when we moved in together.By the time we got married three years later, I had built up a successful career as a broker in the City and enjoyed having my own money and being able to spend it as I liked, particularly come bonus time, which could run into thousands if it had been a good year.But about a year after we were married, my husband was offered a promotion in Australia.The opportunity was too good for him to turn down, so I gave up my job to go with him.Although some might argue that I could have still pursued my career, it didn’t make sense to insist on putting my work first on this occasion, as we wanted to start a family.We immediately started trying, and two years later our daughter was born.It was during this time that I first heard about the concept of a wife bonus.I met quite a few women .

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BC said coolly: I’m not in a position to comment about or on behalf of Nigella.The second series of The Taste had already wrapped sexy mini dress , and would go out as planned from January 2, she said, but had nothing else to add.Hardly a decision was made without drugsThe allegations, a shock to the millions of British fans who have Lawson’s books on their kitchen shelves, have the potential to wreak even greater damage in a country that remains more socially conservative, and which has for more than 40 years been fighting a tide of hard drugs being trafficked across its southern border.While she suffered little long-term impact to her career in Britain after being photographed allegedly snorting cocaine in 2006, Kate Moss, for instance, was permanently tarnished in the U.and reportedly still struggles to obtain a work visa today a fate that could await Lawson if the allegations are proven.Nigella has no chance in the U.if these allegations have credibility, said one American television critic.being exposed as an illicit drug would be over and their fans absolutely crushed.Stewart, the all-American homemaker who turned her lifestyle into a multimillion-dollar businesses, is no angel, having been sentenced in 2004 to five months in prison in connection with an insider-trading scandal.Four years later, she was refused a visa to speak at the Royal Academy by the UK Border Agency due to her conviction for obstructing justice.K wedding reception on Charles Saatchi’s credit card during four-year spending spree, court hearsNigella Lawson’s family takes to Twitter to label ex ‘dangerous’ and ‘a man scorned’ as court battle turns increasingly bitterAnd, ironically, Anthony Bourdain, Lawson’s superstar co-host and co-producer on The Taste, is himself a reformed drug addict who once sold his record collection to buy heroin.We were high all the time, sneaking off to the walk-in refrigerator at every opportunity, he said in his memoir of his days as a chef in Manhattan in the Nineties.Hardly a decision was made without drugs.Bourdain, 57 sexy new years eve dresses , who is married with a young daughter, was reported to be giving Lawson, 52, emotional support , having taken her under his wing in the aftermath of the traumatic publication in June of photographs showing Saatchi grabbing his then wife by the throat during a meal at Scott’s restaurant in Mayfair.This week Bourdain signalled his backing of Lawson in a tweet that identified him as #TeamNigella .By the time of her trial, Stewart had already built her media empire and loyal fan base.By being frank about his former vices, Bourdain went mainstream with his persona as enfant-terrible-turned-good fully formed.In contrast, Lawson is still a dangerously blank canvas for many in the U.Ordinarily, Americans love a big mea culpa, said a leading celebrity agent in LA.The problem with Nigella is she’s not big enough out here for that to wash.For many in America, this will be the first key thing about her that they learn.It is not a position that she expected to be in more than a decade after first arriving in the U.flush from the British success of her first book, How To Eat, and her first television series, Nigella Bites.She looks like a movie star, declared Gourmet magazine, in a glowing profile in 2001.It’s no wonder Nigella Lawson has the whole country talking.After Nigella Bites began a run on the E!and Style channels, the accompanying book became America’s second-bestselling cookbook of Christmas 2002.Lawson was photographed by Annie Leibovitz for a profile in Vogue, secured a fortnightly column in The New York Times, and Laura Bush, then the U.First Lady, let it be known she’d used one of her soup recipes as a starter for Christmas Dinner in the White House.But her unique British style struggled to really cut it in middle America, where Lawson’s trademark gastroporn nibbling and sucking as she cooks would be interpreted as an obscene video involving someone’s lunch.Some critics dismissed her recipes as messy and wasteful.I repeat to her what an American friend recently said to me new years eve dresses , one interviewer wrote back in 2002, that with her scales to weigh ingredients and her provocative finger-licking love of food, her cookery show may not go down very well with an American audience.says, a little defiantly.In 2004, however, she was honoured with a party at the British ambassador’s residence in Washington DC.There, The Washington Post noted, she wore a fitted black dress and hot pink spike heels and listened keenly as the then ambassador David Manning sang her praises to an audience of worthies.And her British programs kept on being bought by specialist U.She did the rounds on the talk-shows of Oprah Winfrey, David Letterman, Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien, whose joke to Lawson that this is why no one gave me coke in the Seventies as he clumsily tried to coat a mozzarella ball with flour during a hands-on cooking segment in 2005, seems more than awkward in retrospect.I’m not a hard-nosed business womanYet still the major breakthrough never came, despite the great success of fellow British chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and to a lesser extent Jamie Oliver, prompting some critics to claim that Lawson simply wasn’t prepared to put in the hard work that is required to crack the U.I’m not an empire-builder, she told an American interviewer in 2003.I don’t know what ratings I get.I don’t ask for the sales figures of my books.While such naivete might be seen as charming in Britain, in the would prompt the question: Why not?Not many Americans know who Nigella is, said the U.Many more Americans know of Ramsay, who now has several reality cooking shows, and even of Jamie Oliver.She’s really just not that big out here.Never seen an advert with her either on a TV or a billboard and I’ve never met anyone who knows about her or watches her show, added the L.All of which raised the stakes for the second series of The Taste, for Lawson to build on the positive reviews for her homely style albeit while wear.

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G4S after a year said Shegelski hated him instantly.They were opposites in many ways.He drank beer and she liked pretentious coffee shops.She hosted princess tea parties and watched Disney movies with her girlfriends.He would never attend.But nothing could stop their fairy-tale romance white wedding shoes , he said.We had something I once never thought existed and I can only thank her for giving me that.She renewed emotions I once buried and made me feel a confidence a man only feels with the perfect woman at his side.A slide show of photos show Shegelski growing up in High Level in northern Alberta, where her father Peter Ernst is the mayor.She moved to Edmonton after high school and completed her bachelor of arts degree on the same campus where she died.Among the many wedding photos was one of a smiling bride, her arms pumped in the air, comically showing off the muscles she proudly worked on at the gym.She was also training for her first triathlon this month.Shegelski’s funeral program quoted some of her blog entries.I suffer through the old runoff, moving down the dimly lit stairway to receive a briefing from the last shift.They’re tired and want to go home.The password’s changed.I study it carefully before crumbling it into illegibility.Her sister, Christine, read aloud another blog entry in which Shegelski wrote about how life can change in a instant.While I type these letters someone dies, is born, changes jobs, loves.The world is built on seconds.combined fancy dresses with digestive inconveniences.RelatedShinan: Reliving Tender is the NightShinan: Anchors away!News men Dan Rather Ted Koppel to stop by T.Think smashed potatoes, with little stations so you can put all your own toppings on!one bride-to-be was here telling another about her Big other counterintuitive eaters beside her took to a table full of cupcakes that had all the artistry of Sophie Kinsella book covers.The crowd was swelling.Just seeing if you’re paying attention!The waft, too, of the particular fear that attaches itself to nightmares of cold feet, cake flops and bad fittings.Monique Lhuillier, in Toronto to launch her new Waterford Collection of fine china.Having flown from N.dazzled some by standing on a teacup, at one point, in her YSL heels.Her point: see how durable!This, as models fanned through the room comfortable wedding shoes , showing off her rather whimsical gowns, which have inspired Monique’s crystal and china.It’s called brand cross-pollination, people!At a later point, Monique brought the room to pin-drop silence when, crossing her legs, and taking to a dias, she talked entertaining tips for happily marrieds.As goddamn pretty as many of the stars she dresses, the Filipino-born fashionista was resolutely non-stuffy.Among some of the gospel-truths she flung about setting a table, etc.Continuing the celebration, Monique and her circle set forth later for drinks at One at the Hazelton Hotel.Expect to see Scottish bad boy Irvine Welsh at GoodNight, off Richmond, next week!The author of Trainspotting and Ecstasy, among others, is the guest at a string of insider events being organized by the hot New Collection, a patrons’ society for the Toronto Public Library that’s co-chaired by Jeffrey Charles and Sarah Fulford.A day after Robert Pattinson lit up the place, a solid mob of Toronto sunset-partiers showed up at this week’s rite-of-summer rooftop opening at The Thompson, including House Home editrix Suzanne Dimma and CBC’s George Stroumboulopoulos.Joanne Kates, donning an OTT Brazilian Ball-type head-dress during a rare TV appearance recently on Global’s Morning Show Princess Wedding Dresses , ’fessed she’s had many a credit card with many a fake name.or via a mic in her sleeve.How a bizarre case could force Canadians to be married, against their willSomewhere in North America, there is a place where little girls don’t give the slightest thought to what kind of wedding dress they’ll wear one day.why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free?because the milk is always free.A place where no one asks an unmarried couple expecting a baby if they’re getting hitched.This place is the province of Quebec.The French language spoken here is no guarantee for romance.Couples are practical, and lovers treasure their individuality.But now, thanks to a bizarre legal case entangling a Quebec billionaire and his de facto spouse, the freedom to un-marry is under threat.More than 1 million Quebecois in this kind of relationship may soon be automatically married by the state, against their on their income tax statement form.Quebec’s lawmakers have deliberately chosen not to give de facto couples the same rights and responsibilities that married couples have under the Law of Quebec, to preserve the freedom of matter how long cohabitation has lasted, de facto spouses have no legal support obligation to each other, even if one spouse is in need and the other has a high income.Quebec is the only province in Canada where spousal support payments are not recognized by law for de facto spouses.Other countries also recognize the status of common-law couples, including France and the Scandinavian nations.In the United States, common-law marriage is a legal status in a minority of states.The very religious province of Quebec traditionally perceived de facto spouses as a threat to the social order.starting in the 1960s led to a radical rejection of the church, a decline in religious weddings and a reform of the Family Law that introduced the notion of de facto unions in 1979.The status gained more recognition during the ’80s and ’90s, mostly thanks to lobbying by gay rights advocates.The institution has become wildly popular in Quebec, for gays and straights.of all Quebec couples are de facto couples, and one half of couples under 40 are not married.A full 60% of Quebec children are born out of wedlock.put an end to their decade-long de facto union.These are pseudonyms used by the media, because Canadian law forbids the publication of the couple’s real names to protect the .

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ed to be with.But what about Daddy?Oh casual beach wedding dresses , Daddy loves him too; especially in Ocean s Eleven, although The Monuments Men was rubbish.But back to Alamuddin, and it s difficult to know where to start, so let s begin with her crowning glory; that lustrous, luxuriant cataract falling way past her shoulders.The Duchess of Cambridge and perky sister Pippa may have been feted by Tatler for possessing shiny rich girls tresses, but Lebanese Amal s thick, swishy hair is in a league (an Arab league) of its own.Everything about Alamuddin is effortlessly high endGlossier than a copy of Vanity Fair, hers are the sort of statement locks that cry: I wake up like this!In my world there are no bad hair days, just good ones and better ones.Finely boned as a thoroughbred, with shapely legs perfect for Prada and arms toned from toting designer bags, Alamuddin is quite simply really rather ravishing.Her classic-with-a-playful-twist dress sense only adds to the allure, so much so that most of us were puzzled we d never heard of her before she dated Gorgeous George, who previously showed a marked preference for rather more pneumatic types.She apparently topped a 2013 social media tumblr poll of London s Hottest Barristers, although as an alumnus of Oxford with fluency in Arabic, French and English with a busy career, she has never courted publicity.But since the spotlight fell on her, sartorially speaking, she hasn t put a foot wrong.Every 2014 must-have has featured: brogues and metallics, a Balenciaga pink coat.Flawless monochrome by day, silky red dress for evening, Alamuddin has the perfect, slim figure from which expensive clothes hang like a designer s dream.By the end of her courtship with George, her array of knockout ensembles had managed to outshine Julia Robert s Rodeo Drive spree in Pretty Woman (a film that women routinely forget is about dispiritingly low morals because the clothes are so aspirationally high end).But everything about Alamuddin beach wedding dresses , the daughter of a retired university professor father from a prominent Lebanese family and a journalist mother, who moved to London when she was two years old, is effortlessly high end.When she touched down in Milan, she was dressed in black skinny jeans with a ripped knee, a fluorescent yellow T-shirt, black jacket and silver flats, yet managed to looked soignee carrying a large hat box through the arrivals lounge.On Monday, the contents of said box emerged as she wore a fabulous brimmed hat to match the sensational cream palazzo pants suit she wore to Venice City Hall for the couple s 600-euro civil ceremony, which followed on from Saturday s lavish wedding at the seven-star (no, me neither) Aman Hotel overlooking the Grand Canal.Her wedding gown, designed by Oscar de la Renta, remains a secret as the couple are believed to have sold the picture rights to US Vogue (really?with the fee going to a charity of their choice.But the day after, the bride appeared in a florally embellished white lace Giambattista Valli dress that for once divided fashion commentators.Some disparaged it as resembling a lampshade.Others observed that its architectural asymmetry and thigh-skimming length was inappropriate for climbing in and out of water taxis.Then again, Alamuddin has enviably slim thighs, is usually the smartest person in any room and is married to George Clooney, so what does she care?And therein lies the reason why this girl might oust the Duchess of Cambridge in fashion editors eyes.but she is unfettered by expectation.By comparison, Kate is careful never to wear anything too flashy, expensive or outre and, in these straitened times, even gains a certain downbeat civil list kudos for rewearing outfits.Alamuddin, as very much her own woman in the corporate world and with an income to match, has nothing to prove and is unhampered by protocol, or indeed price.she has a sister simple wedding dress , Tala, who was confidante at the wedding, a term used instead of the rather dowdy maid of honour and is another very striking brunette.But let it not be said or implied that Amal is just a show pony.Her husband has already acknowledged she is cleverer, which all women would agree is an auspicious starting point in a relationship.Both care passionately about human rights causes; and if, as the bride s father announced in his speech, now is the time for babies, then we must brace ourselves for more heartbreak.If there is one thing more irresistible than crinkly-eyed George, it would be crinkly-eyed George cradling a baby.But until then, we have that impossibly sweet sepia snapshot of the happy couple goofing around, which was given to every guest (Bono, Emily Blunt, Anna Wintour, Matt Damon, Bill Murray et al) who attended their star-studded wedding.It s a photograph that is the very antithesis of the glitz and ritz of the past few days, which was so enjoyable to watch from afar.Just two people in love, being a bit silly.He s biting her hat, she is grinning.wish them a lifetime of happiness together.If there’s one thing you take away from this article it’s this: Have the courage to be bold and have fun when making money and doing good.It doesn’t matter if you are a large technology company deploying social purpose to drive a new business line, or a small social business start-up hoping to create the next healthcare innovation.The more courage you have to take risks, fail and innovate, the more you will get noticed and likely succeed.Seems obvious, right?Entrepreneurship necessitates courage and boundary pushing.So why am I telling you something you already know?Because in the world of social enterprise (where profit and purpose come together) there remains a lack of risk takers.What if it doesn’t work?What if we waste investor capital trying to do something good?Shouldn’t we play it safe to ensure we preserve the precious capital needed for worthy causes like mental health, climate change and affordable housing?Unfortunately risk aversion is still the predominant mindset for companies (and charitie.

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like it was torn from a Tumblr page party dresses for teens , yet she makes it appear as though it comes naturally, like she was born with a crown made of pink geraniums.Full Comment’s Araminta Wordsworth brings you a daily round-up of quality punditry from across the globe.Pity the Virginia governor who couldn’t afford a pricey haute couture frock for his wife to wear at his inauguration.That was the plight of Bob McDonnell, who found winning the state’s top job came with a hefty price tag.We are broke, have an unconscionable amount in credit card debt already, and this Inaugural is killing us!Oscar de la Renta dress.Federal prosecutors charged the now ex-governor and his wife in a gift-giving scandal this pay for the catering at ftheir daughter’s wedding, a Rolex watch, Louis Vuitton shoes, Cape Cod weekends, golf greens fees and thousands of dollars in cash.the birthplace of Thomas Jefferson has no laws about corruption.who formed its governing class.Before he left office, even Mr.McDonnell agreed the state’s ethics rules needed taking a different tack.The argument: He did nothing different from President Barack Obama and former governor Tim Kaine, reports Josh Gerstein at Politico.The President routinely participates in corporate events which lend credibility to his major benefactors, invites benefactors to events at the White House, allows his photo to be taken with benefactors, and includes benefactors in policy discussions with senior administration officials.Politics is replete with examples of major benefactors receiving more substantial government benefits than anything suggested here.The New York Times Jonathan Martin and Michael D.Shears explain the Virginian mindset.restrictions on what gifts family members of Virginia officeholders can accept or any limits whatsoever on the source or size of campaign contributions to politicians.has for centuries fancied itself a haven of good government led by public-spirited citizens dating to Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson.up to date is long face criminal charges.One of Virginia’s Ways has sometimes been used to justify the other: The state needn’t bother itself with tough public ethics laws, the self-satisfied argument went, because of the self-evident virtues of its exemplary political culture.McDonnell is Exhibit A for the vacuity of that point of view.If federal prosecutors are correct, he put himself squarely on the wrong side of the law even in Virginia’s permissive environment.Amy Davidson at The New Yorker is offended by the pettiness of the couple’s graft and their sense of entitlement.Like the maddest sort of sex scandal casual summer dresses , the greed is both unbounded and imaginatively constrained.It’s like hearing about a politician sexting or seeing a prostitute and asking oneself, He gave it all up for that?rather than serious money, or that he wasn’t, say, accepting a bid from an unsafe cement contractor which would allow a bridge somewhere to collapse.and not just in Virginia.Dear Sam,I’m painting our condo white again.I made a horrible choice three years ago.I painted test patches and thought I’d chosen well, but after I’d paid the painters the walls looked peach.I cried like a baby!I want the right white this time.Please suggest the perfect white.I can’t tell a damn bit of difference between the different test patches on the wall.Thanks, KelHi Kel,You’re not the first person to cry after the paint has dried, especially white.I find white can go two ways: flesh-toned or science lab.Neither shade’s a winner.When I read your question, I asked a few design friends to tell me their favourite whites.Here’s what they Farrow Ball is a warm clean white that beautifully complements white linen, and doesn’t yellow over time.I painted my living room walls this colour 10 years ago and it still looks fresh and inviting.I use Benjamin Moore Cloud White (CC-40) with neutral colours and Benjamin Moore Distant Gray (OC-68) with cool colours.They work with anything.Always Farrow Ball’s Pointing for a warm wall white.It cuts the glare when the sun is shining brightly and at night it takes on a very rich tone verging on pale, pale beige.warm and slightly aged looking, with undertones of cream and a tint of grey.I still love Cloud White for walls.I’ve never found anything better.It’s warm but still fresh.Cloud White is almost a fail-safe choice.It looks good in almost any home, no matter the quality of light.It falls into the warmer white category and has a nice richness and depth to it.I reach for Cloud White.My whites are always in balance with other finishes in a home.I use Cloud White for warm transitional spaces or Benjamin Moore’s Oxford White (CC-30) for cool modern ones.Benjamin Moore’s Ballet White OC-9 is chalky, slightly grey white.Never harsh but fresh and clean.Cotton Balls OC-122 from Benjamin Moore is a very clean and crisp white and is slightly brighter than other, more common womens casual dresses , white paints.It is perfect for ceilings, doors and trim and lends itself to contemporary spaces.I love Farrow Ball’s All White 2005 for its pure, chalky finish.It’s a clean, simple, reliable white.Benjamin Moore’s Simply White OC-117.It’s clean, fresh and yet it’s warm.There are no yellow or peach undertones, and it’s not chalky.We’ve used it in modern and traditional interiors and it’s a perfect backdrop for any accent palette.Wedding White 70YY/037 by Glidden/ICI.This warm white with a slight yellow undertone looks crisp, inviting, and it creates a perfect backdrop to display art work.I’ve always been a fan of Natural White by Glidden/ICI.Not too stark, not too yellow, just the right tone to complement all the fabulous colours you’ll dress your walls in!As for me, for traditional spaces, I like Farrow Ball’s off-white Slipper Satin No.walls and trim) and Pointing (ceilings).For modern spaces, I’ve been using Oxford White because House Home s Joel Bray used it in his New York-style apartment and I liked it.And you can do this, too: Make an informed deci.

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s government-induced slowdown.The seasonally adjusted annualized rate of housing starts was 199 short cocktail dresses ,586 units in June, according to data from the Canadian government’s housing agency.Analysts polled by Reuters had expected 187,000 starts in June.The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp also revised May starts higher, to 204,616 from the 200,178 originally reported.BloombergCouche-Tard s European adventure turns costlyShares in Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc.fell in morning trading Tuesday after the convenience store operator reported a lower-than-expected fourth quarter profit as costs to boost its business in Europe ripped into the bottom line.per share excluding special non-recurring items.billion as the company absorbed the sales of Scandinavian gas station chain Statoil Fuel Retail ASA.Couche-Tard founder and chief executive Alain Bouchard has been steering the integration of Statoil, the company’s largest acquisition ever, which brings together two very different corporate cultures and systems.recovering, says fund managerGeorge Cheveley, Portfolio Manager at Investec Asset Management, discusses central bank action around the world and why Fed tapering is a positive sign for the U.Watch the full Bloomberg interview below.may do better in the second half of the year if history is any the second half from 1981 to 2000, when gold endured a two-decade bear market, data compiled by Bloomberg show.First-half losses averaged 3.metric tons from exchange-traded products backed by the metal in the second quarter as prices tumbled into a bear market in April.Gold is poised for the first annual drop in 13 years after some investors lost faith in the metal as a store of value.The rout already strengthened demand for jewelry and coins around the world and the second half of the year usually sees gains in physical demand for wedding seasons and religious festivals in Asia, including India and China, the biggest buyers.said Bernard Sin, the head of currency and metal trading at MKS (Switzerland) SA, a bullion refiner in Geneva.Physical players are a different breed.They are always buying on the dip.Physical support will continue to be present and it will definitely trigger interest.Made in Canada: Jeans, menswear, womenswear, underwear from homeTo open Vancouver handbag designer Erin Templeton’s fall lookbook, I first had to tear through a large red and white Made in Canada sticker.If only all fashion brands did the same!In the wake of the Bangladesh garment factory deaths following a building collapse in April, I offered my services to stymied readers who wanted help to source and identify reasonably priced, accessible Made in Canada apparel.You took me up on that offer modest homecoming dresses , and six weeks later, I’m still at it, almost daily.The mail bag runneth over.RelatedCheap-and-not-so-cheerful: Fast fashion claims more victims in BangladeshOverall, my correspondents want to avoid even indirect support of the broken chain of supply and demand that contributed to the situation in Bangladesh.interest in actively seeking out and supporting Canadian brands, big and small, that are trying to make a go of producing apparel at home.Along the way, Jesse Mann reminded me about the documentary he made about Toronto designer Bruno Ireullo (, and Canadian Kate Black wrote to introduce herself and, her digital source for eco-fashion and sustainable living, an international guide read in 120 countries on where to find and what to look for in ethical fashion, worldwide.But this isn’t a piece about the whys of buying Made in Canada; I’ve written that one before, and readers likely have their own reasons.This is about the hows, the whats and the wheres.It turns out these are much harder questions to, the Internet doesn’t help.It’s a time-consuming, one-by-one process.which, admittedly, change from season to season.Other than on content tags sewn into the garment (by law, each must state country of manufacture), it’s tricky.You have to ask companies specific, direct questions, case by case, or else go into the stores and check the content label firsthand.To be clear, our industrial textile industry is long gone.Made in Canada usually means produced with imported fabric cheap homecoming dress , although sewn by hands at sewing machines, or in the case of things like hosiery and shoelaces, knitted at top speed by mechanical looms, under supervision by Canadian humans.Here, some places to start the search.I read your article regarding clothing made in Canada and wanted to ask you where you would recommend that someone shop for business-wear or formal clothing in the Toronto area.I am a recent graduate who started working and am essentially creating my wardrobe from scratch.I am also looking for nicer casual wear as my wardrobe mostly consists of hooded sweaters and jeans, which also needs to be updated.I know Harry Rosen sells Tilley ( clothing but that’s about it.the one exception at the time was a particular style of fedora, which was made in the U.But Harry Rosen ( carries much more domestically produced apparel than just Tilley.and has for decades.Consumers are becoming more educated and learning first-hand the true cost of buying more items of a lesser qualityFor details, I called Jeff Farbstein, Harry Rosen’s vice-president and general merchandise manager, who has been with the retailer 34 years.He’s certainly seen the manufacturing landscape change in that time, but some of the best garments in production today have been around since well before he started.There’s Dion neckwear (, a family business based in Concord, ties and other menswear accessories (as does Braemore, since 1937, braemoreties.There’s also Caulfeild Apparel (, who do bathrobes, loungewear and boxer underwear (Joe Boxer, and a few golf lines for department stores and retailers.He mentioned Jack Victor, another tailor-made, made in Canada menswear brand (from Montr.

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high school graduate dreamed of becoming an art teacher and opening his own studio discount plus size wedding dresses , The Denver Post reported.We want to try and focus on the beautiful lives that were ended and not the evil that is responsible.This is a time for us to remember our loved ones and cherish the memories we have of them, the family said.Blunk, 26Jonathan T.Blunk was shot to death while trying to protect his girlfriend, NBC News reported.Jansen Young started dating Blunk in October.She told NBC News that Blunk threw her to the floor when the shooter launched his attack.She eventually noticed that Blunk had stopped pushing her down.I guess I didn t really know he had passed, up until I started shaking him and saying, Jon, Jon, we have to go .It s time for us to get out of here, she told NBC News.Young said she tried to lift Blunk, but he didn t move.Chantel Blunk, the 27-year-old s estranged wife, lives in Reno, Nev.with their four-year-old daughter and two-year-old son.She told NBC News that she was notified of Jon s death by the FBI.After graduating high school in 2004, Jon enlisted in the Navy.He separated from his wife, left the Navy and moved to Colorado in 2009.He always talked about if he were going to die, he wanted to die a hero, Chantel said.Matthew McQuinn, 27Matthew McQuinn dived on top of his girlfriend, Samantha Yowler, shielding her as the gunman walked calmly up the movie theatre aisle, firing at moviegoers, The Denver Post reported.Yowler was shot in the knee; her brother who also tried to protect her, escaped unharmed; but the 27-year-old from St.Paris, Ohio was fatally wounded.McQuinn graduated from Vandalia-Butler High School in 2004 and met Yowler while working at a Target store in Springfield, theDayton Daily News reported.The couple transferred to Colorado in November.Sullivan was killed on his 27th birthday.His co-workers from a Red Robin restaurant had joined him at the premiere to celebrate, but the night ended in tragedy white wedding dresses , The Denver Post reported.Seven co-workers were injured and Sullivan died.TheDarkKnightRises OMG COUNTING down till it start cant wait going to be the best birthday ever, Sullivan posted to his Facebook page late Thursday night.Bryan Beard, who first met Sullivan during their freshman year at Grandview High School, told The Denver Post that Sullivan was a big guy like him.He was six-feet-four-inches tall and weighed about 280 pounds and played football and wrestled in high school.Sullivan attended culinary school after graduating in 2003.Sullivan should have been celebrating his one-year wedding anniversary with his wife, Cassie on Sunday, The Denver Post reported.Micayla Medek, 23Micayla Medek was working at Subway and trying to save money for a trip to India, her parents, Greg and Rena Medek told the Los Angeles Times.The parents said their youngest child of three was independent, responsible and loved Hello Kitty, hot pink, fairies, boas and Beanie Babies.I m a simple independent girl who s just trying to get her life together while still having fun, she wrote on Facebook.The brown-eyed brunette had also taken classes at Community College of Aurora.Her parents told the Los Angeles Times, that she had a warm heart and plenty of friends.I lost a precious soul, Greg Medek said.Rebecca Wingo, 32Rebecca Wingo, was killed in the movie theatre shooting.The 32-year-old reportedly worked at Joe s Crab Shack in Aurora and was the mother of two young daughters.According to The Denver Post, she was working toward an associate of arts degree at the Community College of Aurora.I lost my daughter yesterday to a mad man, my grief right now is inconsolable, I hear she died instantly, without pain, however the pain is unbearable, he wrote.Alexander Teves, 24Alexander Teves had recently earned his master s degree in counseling psychology from the University of Denver, The Denver Post reported.Friends of the 24-year-old from Phoenix posted messages about Teves on social media in the wake of the shooting.A friend strapless lace wedding dress , who goes only by Caitlin on Twitter, described Teves as a Spider-Man fan and wrote that he was, One of the best men I ever knew.The world isn t as good a place without him.According to Teves Facebook page, he graduated from the University of Arizona in 2010, and Desert Vista High School in Phoenix in 2006.Gordon Cowden, 51Gordon W.Cowden took his two teenage children to the theatre Friday night.The teenagers escaped unharmed, but Cowden became the oldest victim of the mass-shooting.His family released the following statement to The Denver Post: Loving father, outdoorsman and small business owner, Cowden was a true Texas gentleman that loved life and his family.A quick witted world traveler with a keen sense of humor, he will be remembered for his devotion to his children and for always trying his best to do the right thing, no matter the obstacle.As Jessica Bianchi began her maid of honour duties and prepared for her sister s wedding, she was floored by the accumulating cost of everything that needed to be arranged.With a view to minimize this shock for other brides, Bianchi, her sister, and a friend created Confessions of a Thrifty Bride, a social network website to help the cost-conscious bride make it through.The site includes a discussion forum for sharing advice and ideas, a Kijiji-type peer marketplace to facilitate the sale of previously-owned gowns, tableware (and everything in between), as well as Bianchi s regular advice columns.Bianchi shares some of her advice for a wedding that won t break the bank: Once you get engaged, have a really good discussion with your future husband or wife about your budget.Settle on a number you are comfortable with, and revisit it periodically throughout the year.When purchasing your dress, check out your local consignment stores and off the rack boutiques.With consignment, some of the gowns are pre-loved, but a lot haven t even been worn.You’re going to get 80 per cent off the original price, and a lot of them are no more than two y.

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work to reunite brides with about 70 dresses they had paid for and that she had removed from the store.All of the brides were excited to get their dresses back purple bridesmaid dresses , and some even hugged Ragston to thank her.said bride Danielle Dunn.I can’t imagine having to replace it, so I’m just happy that it’s here and it’s safe and we can get on with planning.Earlier this week, Ragston met brides in the parking lot of the Glenwood Avenue bridal shop where several got their dresses – and bride Monica Carper got her irreplaceable veil, made from lace from her mother’s gown.Ragston spent her own time and money returning the remaining dresses because she felt it was the right thing to do.It’s too much and morally I couldn’t do it.Many of the brides bought samples off the rack, which helped with their situation.Others, who had paid up-front for gowns that had to be ordered, emailed previous 5 On Your Side reports about La Belle Mariee to designers, who were then willing to work with them on their dresses.A bankruptcy meeting between creditors and shop owners Beverly Cray and Kathy Purser is scheduled for early September.It will be the only real opportunity for customers to talk with the owners, who are required to be there.She starts with the elegant up-dos from the 1960s.Then recreates the Farrah Fawcett flicks of the 1970s.Next up, it’s a 1980s perm with some serious volume, that would make Kylie Minogue proud.There’s the two tendrils and clip-on hair accessories from the 1990s.And a very J-Lo-esque sleek chignon and diamante headband from the early 2000s.Before finally finishing with the selfie-worthy flower crown and loose curls worn by many of today’s brides.SEE ALSO:Are These The Cutest Bridal Shoes Ever?Nirvana’s ‘Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be / as a friend, as a friend, as an old enemy .was the exciting opening song for Elie Saab’s Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2015/2016 show.The song was as powerful as Elie Saab’s feminine designs.a personal history cheap black bridesmaid dresses , from the moment Elie Saab started until now.His work of that era, of delicately embroidered gowns in signature shades of gold, continues to symbolize the core DNA of Elie Saab, the starting point for his designs that are devoted to the beauty of women.there were a few amazing pieces I have to say, however, some of the dresses looked familiar.s and bead work were stunning.The gowns were full with empire waist lines and some of the dresses had details of mink.The dresses were all floor length and the collection included two jump suits in shades of burgundy and de chine, silk tulle and fur.All these soft dresses were in jewel tones of gold, burgundy, green, light blue and blush pink; there were a few black dresses with floral details as well.The dresses had thin belts highlighting the waist.Models wore flat sandals and open-toe heels while their headbands were embellished with crystals and fur.a moment that inspired Saab.The collection was about love, the love that brought Elie and Claudine together.That same day Elie Saab celebrated the opening of his second shop in Paris.At the tender age of 8 Lebanese couturier Elie Saab showed his love for fashion born and raised in Beirut; Saab is self taught at the age of 18 he moved to Paris to study fashion but he returned to Beirut shortly to open his first atelier that specialised in wedding gowns in 1982.Word of mouth spread about him in Beirut, socialites and politicians wives started wearing his label; Saab became a member of the Italian Camera Nazionale della moda (The National Chamber for Italian Fashion) is an Association which disciplines, co-ordinates and promotes the development of Italian Fashion that was created by the Centro Romano Alta Moda (The Centre for Haute Couture in Rome) Saab was the first non-Italian designer to join.He showed his Premier collection in Rome in 1997 and his first Pret-a- porter in Milan a year later;In 2003 he got invited by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture to show during Haute couture week “The Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture whose members include only those companies designated as Haute Couture houses.Haute Couture is a legally protected and controlled label that can only be used by the fashion houses which have been granted the designation by the French Ministry of Industry.I got this form their website)Saab joined the Association and became one of the few couturier in the Elizabeth Mitchell, BRIDESCourtesy of CNP Montrose While you can’t really expect to be the toast of the town on someone else’s big day (don’t worry, your time will come if it hasn’t already) sexy bridesmaid dresses , you can learn to give a killer wedding toast that not only honors your loved one, but keeps their guests thoroughly entertained too.Because, well, isn’t that kind of the point?To win over the happy couple and the crowd, here are seven things your wedding speech absolutely shouldn’t be or it’ll def flop.According to Brian Worley, celebrity event planner and cofounder of Your-Bash, a good wedding speech should be no longer than three minutes max.Otherwise, you’re going to start to lose people and fast.If someone’s compelled to share a personal story that’s lengthier though, he recommends having them do so during the rehearsal dinner, where it’s more appropriate.It doesn’t engage guests with a good story.Or worse, the only “stories” mentioned in the toast are inside jokes no one else in the room gets but the bride and/or groom.Um, can we say yawn inducing?This is why Worley strongly suggests all wedding speeches be tested out in front of a few close friends or family members of the couple before they’re made.Too many inside jokes and boring stories can kill the mood of the party if none of the other guests can participate in what is being said,” he warns.A great wedding speech should have a meaningful story and evoke the emotions of every guest, not just a hand full.The definition of a bad wedding speech is one that is literally all over the place and nearly impossible to.

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that were a disconnect from the realities of the Depression.I think that usually when times are hard sweet 16 dress , when there’s not only the economy but also the fears that are going on today, people retreat to a past when they feel there was more of a about the way things had always been and nobody thought it would end.I love Gone with the Wind and watch it every time it comes on TV.Speaking of the 1930s, Love in a Cold Climate is next on my stack of period dramas.But while a two-parter in 2001 starred the lovely Rosamund Pike, it’s the longer original adaptation of Love in a Cold Climate that I’ve been waiting for since it first aired 30 years ago.The eight-episode mini-series produced by the BBC in 1980 and later shown in North America on PBS Masterpiece.All 405 minutes of it finally came out as a DVD box set last month.Adapted from Nancy Mitford’s two bestselling novels, it concerns the bright young things of the posh Radlett family, between the wars.It is set at Alconleigh, a stately country manor modeled on the Mitfords’ own home, Batsford Park and, as any good costume drama must have its grande dame, stars a fortysomething Judi Dench as Aunt Sadie.Sullivan reminds me, as I slip into a reverie telling her about the series.but oh, the clothes!green velvet and silver.Mitford wrote of one of her Cold Climate ladies.She rubbed a fold of the skirt against her smells like a bird cage when it gets hot, but I do love it.Aren’t you thankful evening skirts are long again?Patrick Carney married: Black Keys drummer weds Emily WardPatrick Carney of The Black Keys has gotten married.The rock drummer married Emily Ward on Saturday at the home they share in Nashville.The Keys’ publicist says the couple was joined by about 350 family and friends for the backyard ceremony.Comedian Will Forte officiated.Ward wore a dress by Carolina Herrera and walked down the aisle to Crimson and Clover by Tommy James The Shondells.Carney was accompanied down the aisle by the couple’s Irish wolfhound Charlotte.The wedding party included Ward’s sister Danielle Shuster and brother Henry Ward, while Carney was accompanied by his brothers Will Carney sweet 16 dresses , Michael Carney and Barry Stormer.Dan Auerbach, Carney’s bandmate in the Grammy Award-winning rock ’n’ roll duo, also attended.Britain s royal family began legal action against a French magazine on Friday for a grotesque breach of privacy after it published topless photographs of Prince William s wife Kate Middleton.Celebrity gossip magazine Closer published a dozen shots of the Duchess of Cambridge on holiday in southern France as she slipped off her bikini top, relaxed on a sun lounger and at one point pulled down the back of her bikini bottoms while William rubbed sun cream on her lower back.St James s Palace confirms that legal proceedings for breach of privacy have been commenced today in France by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge against the publishers of Closer Magazine France, the couple s office said in a statement.A court in Nanterre near Paris said the royal couple s lawyer had filed a motion to expedite the procedure, and Closer s publishers would be heard on Monday.RelatedTopless Kate photos have British Royals seeking legal advice over ‘invasion of privacy’Royals ‘saddened’ after topless Kate Middleton photos published in French tabloid CloserKelly McParland: The serious debate about Prince Harry’s buttIt’s about ‘freedom of the press’: U.tabloid ignores Royal warning, runs nude Prince Harry photo on coverUnder the headline Oh my God!the photos show the couple, whose regal yet natural conduct since their April wedding has won them fans worldwide, soaking up the sun on the balcony of a 19th century hunting lodge, oblivious to lurking paparazzi.The spread is a blow to Buckingham Palace as it tries to move on from a scandal over naked shots of Prince Harry that tarred an image bolstered by William and Kate s wedding, the Queen s 2012 Diamond Jubilee and her Olympic Games appearance.While Closer defended its decision to publish the photographs, a royal spokesperson said it had upset the royal couple, who are currently touring southeast Asia.Their Royal Highnesses have been hugely saddened to learn that a French publication and a photographer have invaded their privacy in such a grotesque and totally unjustifiable manner, a spokesperson for St James s Palace said.Their Royal Highnesses had every expectation of privacy in the remote house.It is unthinkable that anyone should take such photographs sweet 15 dresses , let alone publish them.British Prime Minister David Cameron s spokeswoman also said the royal couple should be entitled to their privacy.Closer s editor-in-chief Laurence Pieau described the photos as a beautiful series that showed a couple in love and were in no way degrading.She said the magazine had more intimate shots from the same series that it opted not to publish.There s been an over-reaction to these photos.What we see is a young couple, who just got married, who are very much in love, who are splendid, Pieau told French BFM television.She s a real 21st century princess, she added: It s a young woman who is topless, the same as you can see on any beach in France or around the world.WINDSORS TAKE THEIR CLOTHES OFFCloser is published by Mondadori, an Italian company partly owned by former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and chaired by his daughter Marina.Lawyers said it is likely to find the case difficult to defend, although profits from the issue would likely far exceed any fine faced, probably just a few thousand euros.It s without a doubt an invasion of privacy, said Christopher Mesnooh, a who practices in France.They were on vacation in a friend s chateau.There was no expectation the press would be there.So visibly they have been damaged by the fact the pictures were taken and it is likely a French court would rule in that direction.The publication which set off a stream of mostly angry commentary on twitter reopens a debate over th.

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were among the late arrivals on Saturday vintage lace wedding dresses , joining Clooney s cousin Miguel Ferrer, Ellen Barkin, Anna Wintour and Richard Kind, among those who arrived on Friday.Clooney and Alamuddin are among thousands of non-Venetian couples, foreign and Italian, who choose each year to marry in Venice, and the city administration smooths over the process with an on-line application form and list of documents needed to make the ceremony legally binding.Mark s Square, a bride dressed in white was kissing her groom as photographers snapped away.The couple said they didn t mind sharing the spotlight with the Hollywood star and his bride.It is a pleasure for us that a person as famous as him is celebrating his wedding here just like us, said Michele Santoriello.Alamuddin, a London-based human rights lawyer, is of Lebanese origin, and her wedding was also being celebrated Saturday in her family s village of origin, Baakline in the Chouf district.Alamuddin left Lebanon during the civil war and was raised in the United Kingdom.She met Clooney, who is active in many political causes, through her work.As the wedding party descended on Venice, the Alamuddin family house in Baakline was empty.Her neighbors said the bride s cousins departed the night before.Many villagers welcomed the news of the impending nuptials.We congratulate them and we hope that the happiness will be international, said shopkeeper Ghassan Bou Hatoum.Luca Bruno in Venice, Maeva Bambuck in Baakline, Lebanon and Colleen Barry in Milan contributed to this report.Not since the gilded barges of the doges swept down the Grand Canal will Venice have seen such a spectacle.More than 150 Hollywood stars and luminaries of the art world will travel down one of the world’s most famous waterways tomorrow (Saturday) for the wedding of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin, his British fiancee.The guests, who are expected to include Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Matt Damon, Cindy Crawford, Bono from U2, the opera tenor Andrea Bocelli and the singer Lana Del Rey wedding dresses for the beach , will be ferried from the Hotel Cipriano, on the island of Giudecca, to the Aman hotel on the Grand Canal, Venice’s only seven-star hotel, where the wedding reception is expected to take place.RelatedFive things you don’t need to know about the George Clooney-Amal Alamuddin weddingGeorge Clooney and Amal Alamuddin plan to wed in Italy as couple posts legal notice declaring intention to marry thereBut the marriage, which has been the subject of fevered speculation for weeks, will present a security headache for the Venetian authorities.Celebrities will be escorted by police boats, an official at Venice city council confirmed, while other vessels, including gondolas, will be barred from lingering outside the Aman, which occupies a restored canal-front palace at the Palazzo Papadopoli.The authorities are expected to stop short of completely closing the Grand Canal, which would cause an uproar among tourists and residents, but they will prevent boatloads of photographers from floating in front of the hotel in the hope of catching a glimpse of Clooney and his friends.The growing excitement surrounding the wedding has raised the spectre of past tragedies, caused when the waterways of Venice have become too crowded.A German tourist died last year near the famed Rialto Bridge after the gondola that he and his family had rented was hit by a vaporetto, one of the water buses that ply the city’s canals.The 50-year-old holidaymaker was crushed by the force of the collision, which threw his wife and their three children into the water.While the Aman Hotel will host the wedding reception, the civil ceremony is expected to take place on Monday in a palatial building on the Grand Canal owned by Venice council.Ca’ Farsetti, which sits almost opposite the Aman Hotel, is a stunning 14th century palazzo that houses Venice’s town hall and main council offices.The narrow alleyways and stone walkways around the town hall will be closed to pedestrians between noon and 2 p.on Monday, Venice council announced.The celebrity event was likely to attract large numbers of spectators and could present a risk to public safety, the council said.The couple will be married by Walter Veltroni, a friend of 53-year-old Clooney and a former mayor of Rome, who has obtained a special licence to perform the ceremony.The actor and director is expected to wear an Armani suit, while Ms Alamuddin casual beach wedding dresses , a human rights lawyer, will wear an Alexander McQueen dress designed by Sarah Burton, who was responsible for the Duchess of Cambridge’s bridal gown.Clooney’s best man is Rande Gerber, the husband of Cindy Crawford, while Ms Alamuddin’s chief bridesmaid is expected to be her sister, Tala.he has stayed there several times, especially during the annual Venice Film Festival.But he ruled it out as a wedding venue because of the ghosts of girlfriends past.He took many of his former flames there, including the Italian showgirl Elisabetta Canalis, who recently married an American surgeon in Sardinia.On Saturday, George Clooney will tie the knot with lawyer Amal Alamuddin at Venice s 14th century Ca Farsetti palazzo, in a ceremony that will be beautiful, lavish and just teeming with paparazzi.about the weddings of people we mother s wedding dress, but I can tell you off the top of my head that Kim Kardashian got married in Givenchy (and I bet you can, too, don t even lie).and then all of a sudden, whoops, he s in love and wants to commit in a traditional fashion.Anyway, here s a bunch of potentially-not-even-true information about the ceremony on Saturday, for those keeping score at home.George Clooney will mix drinks!Or, at least, he probably will.Belmond Hotel Cipriani, where Clooney is a frequent just waltz behind a hotel bar and start screwing around with the glassware.You are not George Clooney.Amal Alamuddin will wear a dress designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen!Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen?Ladies wearin dresses, am I right?Ge.